Cooper Roundtable

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to bring you up to date on some of the presentions we will have at the upcoming Copper Roundtable which will be held at The Friendly Buffalo at Big Lake, MN, on August 9.

Dennis Anderson, outdoor writer for the Star Tribune, will be sharing his experiences and perceptions regarding copper ammo.

Nationally-known outdoor writer Ron Spomer of Boise, Idaho, is developing an educational video for us which will provide an objective overview of his experiences with  the ballistic performance—accuracy and knockdown power—of copper ammunition on big game. So far we have pledges from The Minnesota Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Three Rivers Parks, and the Central Lakes College Natural Resources Club for sponsorships. Ron will cover both rifle and shotgun ammo.  If you would like your organization to be listed as one of the co-sponsors of this educational video please, let me know. This video should be very useful for future use in hunter education classes, state park mentored youth hunts, and other public educational events like the Minnesota Deer and Turkey Classic.

Les Bensch, owner of the Viking Valley Hunt Club and Sporting Clays Course at Ashby, Minnesota, will share his experiences regarding the use and benefits of nontoxic shotshells at his hunt club facility.

Ed Quinn from DNR Division of State Parks and Trails and Jeanne Holler of the US Fish and Wildlife Service will present their plans for outreach at youth-mentored deer hunts in state parks and at National Wildlife Refuges in the USFWS Midwest region. We will also have a tech rep from Hornady provide an overview of their Copper-gilding GMX nontoxic rifle ammunition.

Of special interest will be a telephone conference call presentation by Russell Kuhlmann of the Institute for Wildlife Studies in California.  He is the non-lead ammunition outreach coordinator in California. Russell has some “late-breaking” news about the development and variety of new rifle, shotgun, and muzzleloader options for the “nontoxic hunter.”  Eg. Federal has a new line of “Federal Copper” rifle bullets that has just been shipped to California and costs only about $23 to $24 per box! It patterned a 1” group at one hundred yards for Russell.  BrennekeUSA has four different cartridges in three calibers for smooth-bore shotguns.  Russell will also share a “formula” for round-ball muzzleloader enthusiasts to make their own nontoxic musket balls.

Stay tuned, and mark it on your calendar.

Best wishes, Carrol

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