Board Info

Board Information 

Board Members for 2014-2015

            John Brinkman, President

            71039   300th Avenue

            Lake City, MN   55041

            H – 651-345-3223             C – 651-380-7843

            EMAIL —-

             Joe Hoffman, First Vice-President

            7351 125th Ave.

            Clear Lake, MN 55319

            C – 320-469-8158

            EMAIL —-

             VACANT, Second Vice-President

             Steve Maurice, Secretary

            1224 Hickory Street

            Fairmont, MN    56031

            H – 507-238-4073            

            EMAIL —-

             Rylee Main, Treasurer

            2443 3rd Ave. S. Apt. C14

            Minneapolis, MN 55404

            C – 630-806-9909

            EMAIL —-

             Gary Botzek, Executive Director

            1711 West County Road B, Suite 207S

            Roseville, MN   55113

            Office – 651-293-9295    C – 651-283-4511

            EMAIL —-

Monthly Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM at our MCF office, 542 Snelling Avenue, Suite #104, St. Paul, MN  55116, except for the Quarterly Meeting months.

 Quarterly Meetings are held on the second Saturday of December, March, June, and September (which is our Annual Assembly). Meetings are at 9:30 AM. Locations vary because Local Sportsman’s host these months. The 2015 AnnualAssembly will be held at Quality Inn in St. Cloud, MN  

Monthly Meeting dates for 2014-2015 are as follows: 

 August 12                7 pm          MCF Office

September 12 & 13   9 am       Annual Assembly-Meeting

Annual Meeting Information:

Survey Resolution form 2016: get the survey here:  SurveyResolutionsfor2016-1

Annual Meeting Registration form; get it here:  Annual Meeting registration form 2015


Click here for a copy of the bylaws: By laws 2013

We are members of the Minnesota Environmental Fund